11 Worst Countries for LGBT Travellers

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After the landmark Supreme Court decision finally legalized same-sex marriages in the USA, it is easy to think that there is finally equality in the world, but this list of the 11 worst countries for LGBT Travellers will tell you otherwise.

This list only reveals eleven countries listed and ranked according to their popularity as anti-LGBT nations, the existence of government-backed anti-LGBT sanctions, propaganda, or policies, LGBT-hate crime rates, and the public attitude toward members of the LGBT community. At the very least these countries do not allow members of the LGBT to be themselves; at worst, these nations can kick anyone into jail just for being homosexual or transsexual. These eleven nations, though known for having the worst attitudes toward LGBT community, are not exactly the only ones where the LGBT community is not so well received. In fact, there are currently 79 countries where homosexuality is still considered illegal. This list is based on the compilations of several websites including ResponsibleTravel, GlobalGayz, DestinationTips, and OutTraveler among many other sources.

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Whether you’re a member of the LGBT community looking for your next travel destination or just plainly searching for a country that shares your pro-equality stance, the countries on this list should be last on your itinerary or not there AT ALL.

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