11 Worse States to Be A Nurse

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Nurses are often underappreciated, but which are the 11 worst states to be a nurse? The profession of nursing has been much maligned throughout history, especially in TV shows and movies where it is considered to be a degrading choice made by those not good enough to become doctors. Nurses aim to take care of people in order to improve their quality of life or help them recover from an illness or injury or any other malady. While most nurses tend to operate under physicians or doctors, which in turn has lent credence to the aforementioned myth of nurses being unsuccessful doctors, contrary to popular belief, nurses are allowed to be independent as well. Furthermore, nurses are actually paid well, as can be seen in the 10 highest paying states for nurses in America.

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In the United States, there is no federal overseeing of nurses in the country. Instead, each state generally has a board of nursing which makes up the rules regarding nursing and is also tasked with the duty of ensuring that the aforementioned rules and regulations are upheld and followed throughout the state. This in turn has led to wild fluctuations in how nurses are treated from state to state. Nowadays, not only do nurses work under doctors, they often operate independently as well and nearly a quarter of all nurses are even part of trade unions as well.

We set out to determine the 11 worst states to be a nurse. To create our ranking, we first considered the average salaries of nurses in all the states. Salary is probably the most important feature of any job and hence that has been our primary consideration. We also considered the total number of nurses in each state as well. While this statistic may be slightly misleading since it will vary according to populations, it still gives a good idea of the number of jobs available. All the statistics were traced from Nurse salary guide. Using multiple criteria allows us to cancel out the inherent biases present in any method or criteria and hence, create an accurate ranking.

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