11 Weird Jobs that Make Over $100000 a Year

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These weird jobs that make over $100000 a year are just up your alley if you want to make a killing without the usual 9-to-5 grind (plus overtime and weekends) that often comes hand in hand with a 6-figure paycheck.

Most of these jobs will get you confused looks, if not outright laughter, on parties when meeting new people and telling them what you do, but at the end of the night, it will be you who gets to drive home in a brand-new Corvette, while they struggle to start their beat-up Toyotas. Granted, a vast majority of these jobs won’t make your mother proud or eager to share your career with her friends, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. At least she won’t be setting you up with blind dates.

Weird Jobs that Make Over $100000 a Year

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Most of these well-paying weird jobs are niche jobs and highly situational. Getting into often doesn’t involve regular schooling and education and most of them are strictly on-the-job-training deals. Some are risky, some are gross, some are just cool, and many of them are a combination of all three. Almost all of them are outdoor types, but we have few that are indoors, for the people that think that nature is overrated. There are plenty of other weird jobs that pay well if earning 100,000 a year isn’t your priority.

To create an ultimate list of 11 weird jobs that make over $100000 a year, we combed several sources. At the end, we decided that these are the best ones out there: Forbes, Cracked, Salary, and Thought Catalog. We eliminated all those that don’t make 6 figures, going by the data from Payscale. The results are interesting and if you are trying to avoid sitting at the office desk for the rest of your life, some of these may be for you.

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