16 Weird Jobs That Pay Well

It is not uncommon to wonder what the weird jobs that pay well are, especially since some are quite enviable (others, not so much). When choosing your trade, creativity goes a long way, it is important to be ingenious if you want to earn good money doing weird stuff. Some of these trades are easy, some are not, but most of these are Easy Jobs that Pay Well Without a Degree, so keep reading, maybe you can pick up some ideas!

To put this ranking together I researched the subject on websites such as Forbes, LifeHack, and IJR, and chose the most interesting trades. Also, I decided to mix it up a little by throwing in a few examples of my consideration as well. I took into account not only pay, but also oddness and level of distastefulness, since some weird jobs are as enviably pleasurable as others are disgusting (although they might pay the same). Even though the latter cannot be measured, I think you’ll agree with me there’s a sort of common-sense-o-meter to the task.

16 Weird Jobs That Pay Well

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In my view, weird jobs can be split into three categories: there’s awesome, there’s yucky, and there’s original. To exemplify: Diving in sewage (60,000 a year), yucky; Ice-Cream taster (56,000 a year), awesome; hired mourner (almost 60 dollars an hour), original.  Some of them are also pretty scary. Now that you’ve had your own little taste of these extremely eccentric jobs you’re probably curious to see what comes next, so keep reading and find out!

16. Part time drug dealer: $14,400 a year

As long as drugs remain illegal, being a dealer, that ranks 16th in our list of weird jobs that pay well is a good trade to make some extra money. I’m not talking about full-blown gangsta stuff; just selling weed can earn you up to 14,400 a year. In a lower scale level, many college students do this to complement their steady job salary and help make ends meet. It’s not by-the-book, but it sure makes a lot of financial sense.

16 Weird Jobs That Pay Well

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