11 Weird and Mysterious Places In The World

As the recent US election has proven, people are in desperate need to satisfy an inexplicable need for unreasonable physical stimulus, so here you go:  11 weird and mysterious places in the world. 

Two very weird and creepy things happened to me. Well, at least two come to mind now, so I’ll tell you about them. Once, when my daughter was a baby, my husband, she and I went out to dinner. I noticed a man, about 30 years older than I was, sitting nearby eating alone. I wondered whether he was the sort of man who was secure enough to eat alone at any point in his life. Or, did the security to dine alone come with age? I pondered about it, and just for the sake of my own self-fulfilling need, thought that he had always been a superior sort of man. I thought, well, there’s a guy who’s secure, and doesn’t need the approval of other diners to enjoy some food and live his life.

And then I forgot about him.

11 Weird and Mysterious Places In The World

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We finished up our food and were checking out. Mind you, I didn’t tell my husband that I noticed the guy and what I was thinking about it. Too metaphysical at that moment in a fun-filled day outing. Well, wouldn’t you know, the guy checked out when we did and he walked out at the same time we did. I looked at him again and noticed something. The guy was in a regular middle America uniform. Khakis, plaid shirt, old-timey haircut with nothing in particular, and guess what else?…. you can’t guess. He had skeleton tattoos on his hands and forearms. I don’t know where the tattoos stopped, obviously. So down each finger was a tattoo of the underlying skeleton bones that belonged on the finger. Same with the wrist. Same with the forearm.

And now I’ve gotten the bejesus scared out of me. I’m looking at my daughter and hoping he doesn’t kill her. So I just look down, and start moving. So he follows us out. Then he walks to the same parking lot we were parked in. And then.. while we’re walking through the parking lot, my husband and I started walking about 3 feet apart, which is sometimes what you do.

Skeleton man started walking in between us.

Yes, I very nearly had a heart attack. I thought that even though we were in public and it was daylight, sh*t was going to go down. My husband didn’t notice the tattoos. Just that somebody who had no social skills or boundaries was uncomfortably close.

Nothing happened. We got in the car. He didn’t approach us. And that was 10 years ago and we’re all still alive.

The second creepy thing? One morning, my son woke up with a spider bite exactly 1 inch above his right eye. It was the only time I ever noticed a spider bite on either of my children. A half hour later, my daughter woke up, with a spider bite exactly one inch above her right eye. Yes, if you’re questioning this, it IS creepy and weird.

On to our list – when we talk about weird and mysterious places, the first thing that crosses our minds are unusual events and odd locations. 

The process of creating the list of 11 weird and mysterious places in the world was very interesting. We dug deep into sites like Travel Triangle. We sorted the list by the number of weird events which appeared in these places as well as people’s and scientist’s theories about how or why that happened. If you are interested, check out 11 Most Famous Abandoned Places in the World, as well.

Now, starting the mysterious countdown!