11 US Airports with the Cheapest Average Fare

Get the most out of your money consulting this list of the 11 US airports with the cheapest average fare. Flight has definitely become the fastest and most convenient way of traveling around the world. Airplanes are also the safest compared to other alternatives of air transport. They have allowed people to travel from country to country in a matter of hours and still get back home when needed. With the publicity and accessibility of airplanes, airports have also become common and widespread. Thousands and thousands of people travel by flight daily, and the number is not looking to drop anytime soon.

Many people are also looking to get the most out of their air travel. They look to get the best quality of service in congruence with the affordability of the flight. These are definitely some key factors when considering the 11 Best Airports in the US. For this list, we’ve compiled all fares from different airports around the country to give you the cheapest average fare. These will be the airports to book your tickets,  if you’re looking to fly at the cheapest rate.

You may or may not be aware of the fact that the airport you’re frequently using is part of this list of the cheapest airfares. If you’re looking for more information on what airports to consider, then this is definitely the right place. Let’s go ahead and check the first airport:

11. Wichita Mid-Continent

This Wichita airport has definitely had its share of changes. It was originally a municipal airport that was supposed to be converted to a military airport. After three and a half years the place was put back into commercial use and opened flights soon after. The airport has had many upgrades since then.

Dabarti CGI/Shutterstock.com

Dabarti CGI/Shutterstock.com