11 Team Building Exercises for Work

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If you are thinking of building great workplace camaraderie among employees try these simple and effective team building exercises for work. They can not only be extremely helpful in building communication and trust in the workplace but also go on to give the company an edge over competitors because a focused team is a great asset. And, the best part is they are hardly that time consuming.

Most of them can be done in under an hour’s time but still produce great results. They can be an efficient and fun means to many important goals such as improving motivation, boosting morale and providing a better-focused direction to the team. Great communication is the key to streamlining activities and eliminating bottlenecks within the team. And that in turn shall lead to quick work turnovers and better productivity.

It is up to the managers to incorporate some team building exercises for work from time to time. There isn’t a prescribed timeline but at least once in a few months should be undertaken. And, therefore, we have come up with this great list of some of the most effective ones. They are fun and slightly challenging, enough to keep the employees engaged and you can do them while you take a breather from work. No matter the size and purpose of the enterprise, these will work smoothly for you. Some of them are classic management exercises while others are improvised versions. Of course, different activities are undertaken to achieve different results. Some are great for improving communication while others are focused on problem solving or decision making. You can pick the ones according to your company’s needs and aimed them towards the specific problems your team is facing.


Try these out for yourself; we guarantee the results will be great and if you think you need more exercises to improve your team efficiency you can also check some other ways to promote great relations within the office in our list of The 6 Best Company Team Building Activities to Build Workplace Camaraderie.

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