11 States with the Biggest Gay Populations in America

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Now that gay marriage has become legal in the United States of America, it is interesting to note the 11 states with the biggest gay populations in America. 

Homosexuality has been one of the biggest and most taboo topics in recent times. This, in turn, led to it becoming one of the biggest issues of the 20th and the 21st century, culminating in over 20 countries declaring gay marriage legal, with the United States of America joining the fray in 2015. To learn more about this, you can visit the 11 most gay friendly cities in the world.

States with the Biggest Gay Populations in America

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Of course, it is important to note that 2015 only saw gay marriage being allowed on a federal level. Previously, some states in the United States had already allowed gay marriage. However, the last of the outdated sodomy laws were only canceled in 2003, by the Supreme Court decision. Not that anyone was getting arrested for having gay sex, but having those laws on the books was rather unpleasant.

Some states have gone even further to protect the rights of homosexuals, with 22 states having enacted laws which protect homosexuals from discrimination based on their sexual orientation, with federal law introducing hate crimes as a category for assaults based on sexuality. Due to these reasons, it is no wonder that more people are embracing their sexuality and are open about their sexual orientation. Hence, we have a much better idea of the number of gay people in the country now than we did ever before.

Unfortunately, studies regarding the gay population are not carried out frequently. Hence, we had to rely on a study performed by Gallup to determine the percentage of people from each state who identified themselves as gay. We further also considered the total number of people in each stay who are gay. We did this by multiplying the total population at the time with the percentage who admitted being gay. This allowed us to determine more accurately, the 11 states with the biggest gay populations in America.

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