11 Safest Low Cost Airlines In The World

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Everyone is always looking for safest low cost airlines in the world. Low cost carriers (LCC) have revolutionized the airline industry ever since they started to become popular in the 1990’s. Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE:LUV) is the most famous example of low cost airlines and is considered as the gold standard for the low cost airline industry. It proved that the LCC business model could not only be profitable but also provide safety to its passengers. Ryanair Holdings plc (ADR) (NASDAQ:RYAAY) was also one of the pioneers of this business model in Europe. You might also be interested to know about the 10 best airlines to fly to Europe. The company has become the second largest LCC in the world and is primarily based out of Dublin and London. The success of these companies led to numerous low cost carriers being launched by entrepreneurs all over the world and has helped in increasing the growth of the industry.

The LCC segment has now captured a market share of over 25% of the global aviation industry and continues to grow at a rapid rate. Low-cost carriers are different from full service airlines as they offer lower price for passengers by reducing the number of services. They generally charge passengers for products like serving food which is generally priced in the tickets of a full service carrier. Some of the LCC’s have come under criticism for charging for every small thing like providing human basics such as water on-board. Some LCC’s charge fees for credit card charge where credit card is the only payment method accepted.

The safest low cost airlines in the world have been at the forefront of providing innovation in aviation processes and services. For example, one of the biggest low cost carriers Air Asia has worked with government authorities in specially building an airport terminal for low cost carriers in Malaysia. They have also pioneered other practices such as converting entirely to a “paperless” model.  Asia has become a hotspot for the growth of LCCs and in some lower developed countries like Malaysia and India, they have become the dominant business model. In India, the share of the low cost airlines is more than that of the full fledged carriers who have also been forced to launch their low cost variants.


Low cost carries have become an established business model and many of these airlines are rated to be extremely safe. Given below is a list of 11 safest low cost airlines in the world arranged alphabetically. AirlineRatings.com recently identified the top safest low-cost carriers. All these companies have also passed the international Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and have a good safety track record.

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