11 Odd Jobs that Pay the Most without a Degree

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This will not be a simple list of odd jobs that pay the most without a degree. If you open your mind you will be able to change career, life or even become rich thanks to this list.

Most of the people are so strongly focused on their careers and their traditional jobs that do not know for jobs not defined by the labor market. Those jobs seem weird at first, but they bring a lot of money and do not demand special degrees or licenses.

When the global crisis started in 2008, no one knew how long it will last and what will happen with people in big companies, with, at that moment, stable jobs. Many people lost their stable jobs. If they could not find a new job, they stayed on old one instead, working less than before, which caused lower salary. Big problem had appeared for young people and college graduates, too, who were faced with a lack of jobs which they are educated for.

11 Odd Jobs That Pay the Most without a Degree


Some people learned that there are many high paying jobs for which are needed only high school diploma thus many jobs do not require a degree or experience. Those include even jobs with the government and some paralegal assistant jobs. There are jobs that sound weird and odd at first, but they are still interesting, easy to work and even a fun. Furthermore, they can bring a lot of money!

In those strange times, a woman writer from Vermont, Abigail R. Gehring, has bravely faced with the job market and collected odd and unusual jobs in a book. That book: “Odd Jobs: How to Have Fun and Make Money in a Bad Economy” has been very popular, mostly because of the jobs she recommended and which many people never knew before.  Did you know that making animal balloons can be very profitable?! With only a few working days in a week, you can live comfortably with that monthly income. I am sure that after you read the book and learn about those interesting and well-paid jobs, you will decide to change job or even life, as many people have.

During our researching, we also discovered many intriguing jobs.  Many of them don’t have fixed salary, making our ranking very difficult. If you take a look at our previous list of 16 Weird Jobs that Pay Well, you will see that weird jobs are usually paid by the hour. But now it is even harder to make a ranking. How to put on our list bounty hunter, a person who chases fugitives from law even though he earns 10-40% per bail amount? Prison bails can be very high, so their earning can go over than $10,000 in a single case, but only if they really catch the fugitive and bring him home.

To avoid all confusions, we took those jobs which have more or less clearly indicated earnings for our list of odd jobs that pay the most without a degree. Many of them are used from sites which are connected to economic questions, earnings, part-time jobs, and salaries presuming their experience and knowledge about these questions, like Salary, LifeHack, Forbs and HuffingtonPost. They quoted some jobs from the book mentioned above, too.

We used the salaries reported there. However, if earnings were expressed per hour, we calculated them on an annual basis, taking in mind that common working day lasts 8 hours and every job is worked at least 25 days per month. Then we ranked jobs, as much we could, according to those annual salaries we’ve calculated. We are sure that you will be amazed, as we were, by our list of the odd jobs that pay the most without a degree.

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