11 Most Technologically Advanced Militaries in the World

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Something that most of us hope will be achieved in our lifetime is peace on Earth, but realistically, that’s a pipe dream, which is why we decided to take a look at the 11 most technologically advanced militaries in the world.

Warfare isn’t something nice, it’s not something that we desire, but sometimes that seems to be the only solution to fixing things in one part of the world or another. Furthermore, it seems like there’s always some kind of combat taking place in one area or another, in recent years most often than not due to terrorist groups or nasty regimens.

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While almost every country on the planet has an army, they’re not all created equal. Some invest a lot of money into their defense budgets, which in turn go to supporting the troops, buying aircraft and other technology, paying the men and women for serving their countries and so on, while others can’t or won’t put that much money in this department.

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Since this is a list of the 11 most technologically advanced militaries in the world, we decided to take a look at several different aspects. Just so we get this out of the way from the start, we gave out 3 points to any country that is active in a certain department and 1 point to those who are currently developing something in said department.

On one hand, we wanted to see whether these armies had any aircraft that are fifth generation fighters. Then, we wanted to see whether the country had nuclear subs, missile defense systems, and unmanned combat aerial vehicles. Countries also received 1 point for each type of military robot they have active right now. Lastly, we gave out points based on the size of the defense budget assigned by each government.

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