11 Most Successful Netflix Originals

In case you’ve run out of shows to binge-watch on Netflix, our list of the 11 most successful Netflix originals is sure to put you back on track.

After the enormous success of Netflix as a mean to stream media online, it started to produce its own variety of films and TV shows of different genres, and when the first few of its initial productions took off, more just kept coming. To date, it has 126 originals (both TV and film) to boast of, more than any other network. The joy of watching a Netflix original series, however, comes from the delight of binge-watching, and not having to wait till the next week for another episode. Many of us have experienced those days when we dive into a Netflix hole and emerge after having completed the entire season or show in one sitting! And, of course, those occasional days when it refuses to open or work properly due to technical issues are painful to endure.

11 Most Successful Netflix Originals

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Perhaps the only downside of Netflix is that television series and movies from other networks are available only for a while, and this is particularly irksome when something you intend to watch in the near future is taken down. However, Netflix always periodically replenishes itself with fresh new content, giving users an opportunity to watch pretty much everything. When it comes to movies, in particular, you can choose from Black and White noir films to modern day chick flicks. In case you’re confused by the sheer variety of accessible material, have a glance at our list of the 10 best movies streaming on Netflix right now, which will hopefully help you make up your mind.

To compile our list of most successful Netflix originals, we considered only Netflix originals belonging to the fiction genre (thereby excluding documentaries and docu-series) and referred to the scores allotted to each of their seasons on Metacritic. We averaged the critic and user score for all seasons and ranked the series accordingly, thus measuring its success among critics as well as the audience. In the event of a tie, we gave the Metascore (also known as the critic score) greater precedence over the user or audience score. Just in case you’re interested, here‘s how Metacritic painstakingly calculates the metascore.

Now let’s get on to the list of most successful Netflix originals!