11 Most Successful Gaming YouTubers in the World

Even if you think you have strong knowledge about YouTube gaming community, some of the entries on our list of 11 most successful gaming YouTubers in the world will surely surprise you.

At some given moment, someone realized that people would be interested in watching someone playing video games. It happened before, on large video game competitions, so why wouldn’t it be possible on YouTube as well? We presume that this was how gaming channels on YouTube happened. At first, gaming videos had a purpose. They often featured explanations and tutorials about a particular game. Today, those kinds of gaming videos are in decline, while gaming videos where the YouTuber plays the game himself and makes funny commentaries represent one of the most watched categories of videos on YouTube. If you are just not so much into watching other people playing games, maybe these top 10 funniest YouTube channels in 2015 will fit you better.

11 Most Successful Gaming YouTubers in the World

Przemek Tokar / Shutterstock.com

The gaming YouTubers enjoy celebrity status among the YouTube community, and some of them are even making a pretty decent living out of it. They practically live every boy’s dream, to earn money from playing video games. All of the big companies also recognized the potential, and they are sponsoring lots of gaming YouTubers in one way or another.

Unlike before, thanks to the subscription feature on YouTube, now we can pretty accurately determine how successful a YouTube channel is. The greater the number of subscribers, the more successful gaming YouTuber is. Let’s not waste any more time and see who are the 11 most successful gaming YouTubers in the world.