15 Most Successful Lifestyle Blogs in the World

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If you’re interested in reading something other than the news that’s more curated to your interests, you should check out the 15 most successful lifestyle blogs in the world.

While newspapers have long been transitioning to online publications, there’s been a rise in freelance journalism and blogging. While blogging used to be viewed as glorified journaling, it’s now become a respected way for people to get their work out there, whether it be writing, photography, or a niche interest they want to share their thoughts about. Lifestyle blogging is a general area of interest, where bloggers share their thoughts and life events, among other things. 

In order to rank these blogs, I looked for the ones that come up frequently in searches for “lifestyle blog.” After checking them out and making sure they were active, legitimate, and had nice web design, a personal preference, I headed to Alexa and searched for their rankings. The site provides two kinds of rankings: worldwide and U.S. The worldwide ranking, of course, is what this list is concerned with, but I also confirmed with the U.S. ranking to make sure this list was ordered properly.

Lifestyle blogs are a fun way to escape your own life for a little bit and look at something lighthearted and curated to your interests, which is something you don’t often get in the news. It’s a look into someone else’s life and experiences, and it can be enjoyable to see other people’s thoughts on the things you love. They can also provide recipes, restaurant recommendations, DIY tutorials, and more. The blogging world has a little something for everyone, especially lifestyle blogging. If you like reading blogs covering different topics, you might want to check The 100 Best Finance Blogs, as well.

Without further ado, we bring you 15 most successful lifestyle blogs in the world!

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