11 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits, Settlements, and Victories of All Time

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The judicial system isn’t always about serious stuf, as evidenced by the 11 most ridiculous lawsuits, settlements, and victories of all time.

The news is full of stories of lawsuits and settlements just about every day it seems. Also, most of us probably watch a crime show or two in our spare time, especially me since I love Law & Order, so I think we’re all experts in the way the law works (or at least think we are). To be fair, most of those are quite serious offenses. I think the funny ones that we see on the news are lighthearted and a nice change compared to murder trials that we watch like hawks.

11 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Settlements and Victories of All Time

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When these types of silly lawsuits involve public companies (as several on our list have), they can lead to even more frivolous lawsuits, “thanks” to the new wave of what are called stock-drop lawsuits. When a company’s stock is impacted by the release of a certain news item (like a lawsuit against it), legal vultures often swoop in to round up disgruntled shareholders and launch another lawsuit against the company, usually alleging that the company did not do enough to disclose the negative news sooner. So for shareholders of public companies, the endless barrage of lawsuits flying around is yet another investment data point that must be closely monitored.

In creating this list, we had to search for lawsuits that are even crazier than the ridiculous ones we’re used to seeing. These are the ones that we seldom hear about, which is why they’re so ridiculous. They might make you wonder why they were even entertained by a court, let alone some of them actually being victorious. It makes you question the integrity of a system when it appears that common sense is overruled by greed (allowing more cases means more money for everyone involved, so the justice system has an inherent bias to allow every case it can).

But then, to say that a lawsuit is ridiculous is a matter of perspective, I suppose, because the ones who filed them may not have thought they were (they may also be crazy or just greedy though). These cases were all filed in the US, and while you’re at it, you might as well check out our list of the 10 Most Ridiculous Laws in Texas.

We found these lawsuits from Business Insider and the Washington Times. From those sources, we took their results and averaged them to create our list and rank them. Obviously, a lot of this is a matter of opinion, but we took some of the best and weirdest, so here’s our list of the most ridiculous lawsuits, settlements, and victories of all time.

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