10 Most Ridiculous Laws in Texas

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What are some of the most ridiculous laws in Texas? Texas is known for being one of the biggest states with a personality to match. You see Texas in the news for outlandish events. The laws in this state are no different. Before you want to start a protest, Texans, hear us out first. Texas has always been a great example of law enforcement and freedom — it’s what the state was created on — but there are some areas of the law that are just baffling.

Here are the 10 most ridiculous laws in Texas, spanning from glue to bicycles, that prove everything is, in fact, bigger in Texas, especially its affinity for the weird legislature. Even though these laws are still on the books, they’re not likely enforced simply because they’re so absurd. Maybe legislators have forgotten these were ever made due to the landscape of politics nowadays.

Librarians at the Legislative Reference Library of Texas unearthed a bunch of these strange laws and researched the history behind them, as some you may find online have been removed or never existed in the first place, like shooting a buffalo out a second-story window. These librarians provide research assistance to the politicians and state agencies.

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10. No person should inhale fumes from model glue in Galveston

(Sec. 24-2. Model glue. Code 1960, §§ 14-16, 14-17)

The law states that no one should inhale fumes from glue “for the purpose of causing a condition of intoxication, euphoria, excitement, exhilaration, stupefaction, or dulling of the senses or nervous system.” People can get high from glue. This only leaves the question of how authorities can enforce this strange law.

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