11 Most Profitable Mall Kiosk Business Ideas

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Look no further than our list of the most profitable mall kiosk business ideas if you are planning on opening a kiosk in your local shopping mall.

Mall kiosks have become larger over the years, with more customized designs being introduced, so that the retailer can make them more visually appealing and advertise a particular brand if they wish. This makes more of an impact on the customer, but, of course, more customization comes with a larger price. People who are willing to pay not a cent more than 10,000 bucks for a kiosk unit, end up getting a bill of $18,000-$30,000. So it’s just about maintaining a balance between the price and the design.

 Most Profitable Mall Kiosk Business Ideas

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The cost you will have to bear will also be affected by the location you have chosen. For example, if you wish to start your business in one of these 11 high end shopping malls in America, it might be more expensive.

Design and price are obviously not the only things that a retailer needs to worry about when starting a business. In addition to being aware of the licensing agreements prevailing in the desired location, a thorough research on the target audience and other aspects of the shopping mall is highly recommended. You can find a step by step procedure on starting a kiosk business on Entrepreneur, but if you want help in deciding what products you should display and sell at your kiosk, then keep reading our article on the most profitable mall kiosk business ideas.

To prepare our list, we combed the internet and decided to use the 17th Annual Guide to Cart & Kiosk Startup Packages issued by Specialty Retail, a magazine dedicated to “the promotion, growth and success of the specialty retail industry”. The products with the most recommendations made our list. Read ahead to find out more!

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