11 High End Shopping Malls in America

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We move to the luxurious side of lists as we give you 11 High End Shopping Malls in America. One of the earliest forms of entertainment and social habituation, shopping malls have indeed been constantly evolving and improving over time. In recent years we’ve seen the integration of new technology in malls and even unique designs not found anywhere else. There are many reasons why people frequent malls; there might be a place there to hang out, to eat, to shop, to meet with friends. Every mall has its target market. You might find more of the shops you need in one mall compared to other, with that being said there are shopping malls that cater to the luxurious and the people who prefer high end items, food, and the like.

There are so many choices to choose from and to list here, so the list is not in particular order, and we put in what we think are high end shopping malls you should look out for in these cities. If you’re looking for something more on a budget or something a bit larger, check out our list on The 10 Biggest Outlet Malls in the USA.

What shopping malls do you think are included in this list of the luxurious? Let’s go ahead and check the first one:

11. Santa Monica Place

Located at Santa Monica in California, Santa Monica Place caters to both the luxurious and those who crave the open air. The shopping mall features an open-air rooftop deck and is conveniently located near the ocean and beaches. You’ll find gourmet food, high end fashion and even money exchange stations.


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