11 Most Powerful Publicists in Music, Entertainment, and Tech in NYC

Famous people and their craft become even more famous with the help of publicists and we’ve compiled a list of the 11 most powerful publicists in music, entertainment, and tech in NYC.

Publicity is necessary for those people who are in the limelight. This is for them to get attention from the public especially if they are promoting something like music, movies, services or a company like tech startups. Through the media, all of these will gain popularity. It could be a good publicity or bad publicity, but however bad it is, attention is still gained and just because it turned out to be a bad publicity it doesn’t mean it will not reap positive effects. There are many ways to gain publicity like becoming a sponsor of an event, or organizing an event for your company. This way, you can catch the attention of your audience with your craft or product. You can always hire a professional and an expert publicist to ensure the success of whatever you are promoting, but it doesn’t always give a one hundred percent guarantee that people will love what you are promoting since everyone has a different perspective, but you’re bound to get some followers.

11 Most Powerful Publicists in Music, Entertainment, and Tech in NYC


In this era, there are various mediums that you can use with exercising publicity. Social media expands globally and just about everyone uses some form of it these days. This can also help you cut costs but this does not guarantee a high amount of publicity. Even if you are promoting something positive, not all will take it that way, and we all know there is always something that people will criticize.

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For a public figure like celebrities or icons, they aim to generate good or some publicity at all times. The public generally has a short attention span, and they want to stay relevant. With social media where everything can be seen by the public eye and with some paparazzi, we can take a sneak peak when they are doing what they regularly do. People appreciate seeing a better and more honest side of a celebrity than knowing that they are only good people when there are cameras on their faces. These people can be role models for the youth as they tend to idolize celebrities and icons. Young people can be some of the biggest fanatics and it would be disappointing if their favorite celebrities are not the best role models.

We relied on go-to source for everything New York, Class Curious, also did a little digging and a simple Google search to find these powerful publicists in music, entertainment, and tech, which are owned by people who are well skilled and well experienced in their chosen industry and field. Some do not only work locally but they expand globally and accept international clients, and their clients are some of the biggest in the industry. These institutions do not only stick to one technique but they innovate to meet the needs of their clients — this is also for them to keep up with the ever-changing trends we have. As different publicists may specialize in different things, and their services depended on the needs of the client, our list has no particular ranking.

If you want to get your name and face out there, let us take a look at the most powerful publicists in music, entertainment, and tech in NYC.