11 Most Popular Michael Jackson Song of All Time

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We created the 11 Most Popular Michael Jackson Song of All Time to honor one of the biggest and most influential names in the music industry, the late Michael Jackson. If you enjoy quality music, as well as videos, you also might like our similar article, The 10 Most Popular Songs of All-Time, and check if any of those songs reminds you of a certain period of your life.

Most Popular Michael Jackson Song of All Time

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I’ve always felt like Michael Jackson was the epitome of talent gone awry or an incredible example of how Hollywood can mask a terribly flawed human being (if the accusations are true, which I believe they are).

The songs are ranked based on their performance on the Hot 100. Basically, the bigger the number of weeks as the number 1 on the chart, the better position it got on our list.

A trip down memory lane and let’s face it, even if the guy was crazy or a pervert, some of his music is just crazy good. enjoy!

11. “The Love You Save/ I Found That Girl”

The Jackson 5

Hot 100 Highest Position: 1

Reached number 1 position: June 27, 1970

Weeks at number 1 position: 2

Weeks On Chart: 13

Written and produced by The Corporation: Deke Richards, Alphonzo Mizell, Berry Gordy, Jr., and Freddie Perren.

The success of this song was an inspiration for the group, especially for Michael, to release nothing but hits in the future. The only group that achieved to have their first 4 singles become the Number 1 on the charts was “The Jackson 5”.

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