11 Most Famous City Squares in the World

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Want to know the most famous city squares in the world? City squares are an integral part of most traditional towns. They are not only the frequent hangout for the citizens but also are entwined with the city’s histories and great tourist attractions. These are the main places in the cities that are always abuzz with activity and social gatherings.

At some places they are called the market square, the plaza, or the urban square. Some others are adorned with fountains and statue that has become so synonymous with it that the square itself might be referred to as a ‘fountain square’. But, whatever the name might be, city squares are essentially the heart of the cities, where most of its social activities are concentrated. From the inspiration seeking artist to the working class hero enjoying his day off, one can see the entire motley crew of residents here. Not surprisingly, they are often the most populated area of the city as they form a part of its heritage.


It is seen, more often than not, that various cafes, bakeries, shops and boutiques crop up around these squares. Quite obvious, because these are where the crowd is attracted to. Most squares are also no strangers to great events like political rallies, concerts and fairs. Many of the cities prominent events are held in these squares since they are so accessible and popular to the masses. Many a times they have stood witness to great happenings that have gone down in history.

Squares serve as a hub for both economic and social purposes. This is why cities find it important to invest in development and promotion of them. You might also want to look at the list of The Top 10 Richest Countries the World which have well-maintained and have poured quite some investment into its beautification.

Generally when you are visiting a new city, the city squares are the best bet to acquaint yourself with the city’s culture. They are where you should be heading to totally understand the vibe of the city as they reliably representative everything that a city holds. So, here’s the list of city squares you absolutely must try to visit when you are in any of the cities they are in.

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