11 Most Faithful States in America

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Getting married may be easy and staying married may be hard but these 11 most faithful states in America show us that it can be done. With so many dating sites available on the web, finding a partner has never been this convenient. However, sticking with the same partner is another story altogether.

We’ve looked at the 11 most adulterous states in America in our previous blog and based our data on Ashley Madison’s hacked site where married people find ways to cheat. The good news is there are also faithful states in the US and they are the ones with the lowest divorce rates and lowest spenders in the controversial site. So not all hope is lost!

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We curated our list from the National Marriage and Divorce Rate Trends by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (ranked from highest to lowest divorce rates) and Business Insider’s list from Ashley Madison that was reanalyzed by data scientist Jake Popham (ranked from highest to lowest spenders). We averaged the ranking of the states to see the correlation between the divorce rates and the spending on the infamous cheating website. We also referred to United States Census Bureau for more data.

If you’re looking for possibly lesser heartaches and higher chances of staying married for a long period of time, then you better check out these states!

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