11 Most Adulterous States in America

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Have you ever wondered which are the 11 most adulterous states in America? In 21 states, adultery is still considered illegal, but prosecutions are infrequent. It’s always the same question — whether the public should intervene in anyone’s private sexual life.

The laws which criminalize adultery differ from state to state. In recent American history, the states that revoked their adultery laws are: New Hampshire (2014), Colorado (2013) and West Virginia (2010). Some states consider it a felony crime (Wisconsin, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma). Adultery is a misdemeanor in Utah, New York, and Wisconsin.

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On March 2010, one woman from North Carolina won $9 million from her husband’s mistress. This Shackelford case became well known, because Cynthia Shackelford used old case law and sued the mistress for alienation of affection. We found a fact that in North Carolina, there are more than 200 claims of this kind per year. Cynthia won $9 million in the end and admitted that she is lucky to live in the state where this law is recognized.

The majority considers these laws archaic, but numerous religious groups find them useful for protecting marital relations. UN women require decriminalization of adultery, because they think that adultery laws enforce discrimination and violence. They think that government should not interfere in the relationship of the spouses and that it is a violation of their privacy. It seems that politicians avoid to oppose these laws. Some say that the laws are rarely applied, but they are serving as some kind of a moral warning for the married couple.

Recently we published the article about 6 most adulterous professions in America and today we want to find out which are 11 most adulterous states in America. To make this list, we would need the information about the number of people who was unfaithful to their spouses. By looking into existing data about registered users on the websites specialized for an adultery or so-called “extramarital encounters,” we found one interesting chart made by one Reddit user.  He made the chart after a group “The Impact Team” hacked the website Ashley Madison, which is specialized for an adultery and promoting it for married couples.  It happened on 15 July this year. The hackers said that the release of the private data about registered users was done to criticize public approval of the websites that encourage an adultery. This chart was made to show which countries spends the most money on the mentioned website.

Let’s see together which are 11 most adulterous states in America:

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