11 Most Expensive Women’s Handbags

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Move over diamonds, handbags are the new girl’s best friends in town and the greatest fashion labels of the world bring the most expensive women’s handbags that are every girl’s dream possession! From adding pizzazz to your outfit to being functional in carrying around your essential supplies, for every fashionista, the handbag is an indispensable accessory! They have enhanced the fashion quotient for celebrities and have had you wondering what they have been shelling out for their prized possessions.

Of course, our list is here to guide you! The world’s most expensive women’s handbags and how much are they exactly priced at, is what we are delving into today! Well, with the price tags running into millions, some of us might have to do some rigorous savings or take up alternate jobs, or you might just choose to sit back and marvel at the beauties. Either way, this list is something every fashion enthusiast should be aware of to earn some brownie appoints from the fashion fanatics. And, you can draw some inspiration from them for your next buy!


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For now let’s focus on the most exquisite handbag creations ever made by these labels. From the choicest of materials to the finest makes and brands, they have got it all. They are the shining stars of handbags, literally, with some of them being encrusted with diamonds and jewels while others might look simple, but when celebrities like Beyonce have approved them, you know they have to be special! Here’s the list.

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