11 Most Expensive Virtual Items in Video Games

The 11 most expensive virtual items in video games will redefine how you view video games. Video games have a long and storied history, enabling them to reach the level they are currently at. Considered to be just a passing trend back in the 1970s, video games are now a multi-billion dollar industry, with annual revenues in excess of $70 billion.

Adam Ziaja / Shutterstock.com

Adam Ziaja / Shutterstock.com

From retro games, such as the 11 most popular retro video games, to current masterpieces such as GTA V, video games have always been well loved. However, there is a downside now with more and more video games forcing you to buy stuff in addition to the game itself, in order to fully enjoy the game itself. This is especially true for MMORPGs, known as massive multiplayer online roleplaying games, where purchasing items is an essential method to truly progress in the game. However, the following 11 most expensive virtual items in video games aren’t just your run of the mill items, which cost a few bucks. Some of these items were bought for more money than most people will see in their lifetime. We researched several websites, news sites and forums in order to determine the most expensive virtual items in video game history.


11. Party Hat, RuneScape

Price: $1,680

This decade old game has seen millions of users play on its servers, spending an uncountable amount of time. While it has some run of the mill stuff, its most expensive items included party hats which players could get from Christmas crackers. Due to the fact that most people deleted the hats immediately because of their inherent uselessness, the remaining hats became a rarity, and due to the laws of supply and demand, became the most expensive possible item in the game.


10. Necklace, Diablo 3

Price: $8,000

The amulet in Diablo 3 was immensely rare, which, of course, led to an unimaginable increase in its price. In fact, it is thought that the necklace would have fetched a price much higher than $8,000 were it not for the fact that the auction in which the necklace was sold took place after the announcement that the Auction House would soon be closed. This led to rumors that a new expansion would soon come out, which in turn would render the stuff in the initial game worthless.