11 Most Expensive Tag Heuer Watches

If you’re a fan of expensive watches then the 11 most expensive Tag Heuer watches are watches you’d want to see. Tag Heuer is one of the oldest and most established brands today. They’ve been around since the 1860s and are responsible for a lot of technologies we use. Heuer Watchmaking patented the chronograph and oscillating pinion that most watches have today. It even made the dashboard chronograph that is currently being used by different modes of transportation like cars, airplanes and boats. They’ve also introduced the timing devices used for races and the digital chronographs used by electronic devices.

Zeljko Radojko/Shutterstock.com

Zeljko Radojko/Shutterstock.com

Like a lot of upscale brands, Tag Heuer ranks as one of the most expensive. If you’re a fan of high-end fashion and are looking for the best and most expensive our world has to offer, then this list of 11 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Items of All Time is something you should check out. Tag Heuer wasn’t actually called that way until Techniques d’Avant Garde or TAG bought Heuer Watchmaking in 1985. After more than a decade of establishing the new name, it was then bought by Louis Vuitton.

The prices of these watches may surprise you. The price may also be a good indication of how good and how high quality these watches are. Let’s find out more as we start this list of the expensive accessory:

11. Grand Carrera Calibre 17 RS2

The materials used to make this watch are top notch. It’s coated with titanium carbide and has an anti-scratch sapphire crystal. This crystal is cut from a solid sapphire and treated with the double anti-reflection technology. Buyers will even receive a card from Tag Heuer guaranteeing the quality and precision of the watch.

10. Carrera MP4-12C

Created for McLaren, this watch honors the design and color of the famous car brand. It features orange detailing in different parts like the dial, hands, stitching and bezel. It resembles a car dashboard and even emulates a piston of an engine. This expensive watch can only be bought at McLaren’s showrooms.