11 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Items of All Time

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There are no surprises when a Louis Vuitton price tag runs into thousands of dollars but the price tags on the most expensive Louis Vuitton Items of all time might still give you a mini heart attack! Louis Vuitton can very well be tagged as the big daddy of all luxury brands that makes women all over the world drool. And, that coveted little ‘LV’ brand name singlehandedly holds the power to turn heads.

Louis Vuitton is a French fashion brand which makes products like watches, handbags, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, shoes as well as luxury trunks and ready-to-wear leather goods. The brand has been named as the most valuable luxury brands time and again, is also one of the 9 Most Expensive Luxury Clothing Brands in 2015 and has average sales of over $9 billion. However, the brand has suffered heavy counterfeiting over the years and is also one of the most counterfeited brands in the world, even though the brand has kept heavy tabs on its distribution and retails through hi-end exclusive shops only. The brand has made its presence in over 50 countries through 450 stores.


But if you are not the one to go the counterfeit way, and are wondering just how much the highest priced LV products can set you back by, we have listed some of the most valuable items from the LV catalogue. And, maybe next time you can keep an eye for them on your next Louis Vuitton store visit.

Some of the price tags are astonishing while some are just plain absurd. For instance, who would pay $2 million for a teddy bear you can’t even cuddle? Yes, even that features on our list and it does have us scratching our heads!

There are a few more interesting items and equally surprising prices on our list, so make sure you stick around for a good read as we set out to unravel them!

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