11 Most Expensive Summer Camps in America

If you want a more productive summer for your kid, you might want to consider letting them attend at least one of the most expensive summer camps in America! We love camps! I guess that you can still recall your days at the camp. Yes, those days you spent in the woods with only yourself, a couple of great friends, a bonfire, and a platter of S’mores. How was your experience of the camp back then? Whether you went with your daddy, or you were sent to a summer camp alone, you probably can clearly remember every fun moment you have had there.

One of the best childhood gifts you can ever give to your son or daughter is the gift of enrolling them to a summer camp. Why? There are many perks any kid can have if they spend their summer vacation at a camp rather than staying at home. At the camp, they will be taught of specialized subjects in sports, values, the arts, culinary, and music. Moreover, your kid will adore the environmental-friendly home where they get to spend their summer days and nights into for several weeks. Life at camp is much better than at home. Not that your child wouldn’t learn or earn anything back home; think of it this way – instead of letting them do the endless scrolling on Facebook and Instagram, why not introduce them to the real society at the camp? So, are you now interested in having your kid at any summer camp in America? Great decision!

Olesia Bilkei/Shutterstock.com

Olesia Bilkei/Shutterstock.com

Not only you are juicing out the productivity of your daughter or son in summer, but you are also teaching them about being a responsible member of the society even at their young age. In just a small amount of time, your child is going to face a lot of challenges. And these challenges are the ones that will build his/her strong yet humble character.

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Are you ready to stomp your feet, pat your seatmate’s shoulder, and get this thing started? Are you with me now? Very good! Now let’s go to the most expensive summer camps in America!

11. Camp Wildwood

Cost: $11,200
Located in the deep forest of Brighton in Maine, this beautiful camp overlooks the Woods Pond. Even though Camp Wildwood is smaller compared with other camps sites, it is packed with various indoor and outdoor activities whom boys will surely love. From BMX Bike track to wall climbing and tennis to name a few.