11 Most Expensive Restaurants in New York

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If you find yourself in Big Apple and you feel like you should treat yourself, you could do a lot worse than picking one of the most expensive restaurants in New York from our list.

Restaurants have been a staple of New York for a long time. One of the biggest metropolis in the world boasts with some 24,000 food serving establishments. Even if cafeterias, food serving bars, night clubs, caterers and the likes are excluded, you are left with more than 16,000 full time restaurants with complete service. That means that if you go to a different restaurant every day, it would take you more than 43 years to visit them all.  The facts get even more mind-boggling if you take into account that every nation in the world is represented in New York. Translated to the culinary language, that means that majority of ethnic cuisines of the world can be found in the same spot.  Almost any food craving you have can be satisfied in New York, be it traditional French, Japanese (speaking of Japanese cuisine, there’s quite a bit of overlap with the list of most expensive Japanese restaurant in New York City) or Chinese cuisine, to more exotic choices, like Mongolian or Senegal food. After being immortalized by Tony Stark in Avengers, a number of shawarma joints have exploded overnight, making this Arab dish one of the most popular in the city.

Most Expensive New York Restaurants

New York restaurants have always been a synonym for class and taste. Although classy and tasteful experience can be expensive, keep in mind that New York is the food capital of the world, regardless of what Tokyo and London have to say about it. It is almost impossible to list all the food trends that have come from New York and its glory-seeking chefs and foodies all over the world are always looking out for new ones steaming from Big Apple’s kitchens.

In restaurants on our list, you don’t just pay for the food. You pay for the experience of dining and for creations made by the world’s most famous chefs like Daniel Boulud, Matthew Lightner, Thomas Keller, David Chang and Masa Takayama. So, without further ado, let’s see how much that experience would cost you in most expensive restaurants in New York.

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