Most Expensive Japanese Restaurant In New York City

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Want to know which is the most expensive Japanese restaurant in New York City? Well, New York City’s restaurant scene of can be quite overwhelming most of the time: not only does the Big Apple have a tremendous variety of cuisines and culinary specialties to offer, but a wide range of restaurants within each of these styles. However, one thing is certain: there are dining choices at every imaginable cost, from one extreme to the other. On this particular occasion we’ve decided to rank the costliest Japanese eating establishments in NYC. New York City is without a doubt the greatest melting pot of the United States, and Japanese culture has hit hard on American soil ever since it first arrived to the country. Despite having lots of Japanese immigrants and descendants in the city and the country, there are lots of things still unknown to us about that distant foreign land. Just check out our list of What To Know About Japan Before Going: The 7 Most Insane Things and you’ll see just how much there’s still to learn about Japan But for now, let’s take a look at the countdown and find out which is the most expensive restaurant in New York City. Most Expensive Japanese Restaurant In New York City

6. Sushi Nakazawa

You need around $150 to eat at the amazing restaurant Sushi Nakazawa, where you can enjoy the omakase of Chef Daisuke Nakazawa. The chef combines national and foreign products, all of them of the highest quality, to create a tasting menu of Edomae sushi. The venue itself is elegant and relaxing and the best seats in the house are those at the center of the sushi bar.


5. Kyo Ya

Located in the East Village, Kyo Ya is a high-end Japanese restaurant that offers traditional Kaiseki cuisine. This small restaurant is the perfect place to have a peaceful dinner with your significant other, but not only do you have to spend more than you would on an ordinary night out (around $150), but you also have to make sure to book a table in advance; there are only ten spots available daily for the Kaiseki menu. Kyo Ya is a speakeasy venue that proudly sports one Michelin star and three stars of the New York Times rating.


4. Momofuku Ko

You can have the dinner menu at Momofuku Ko every night from Wednesday to Sunday, that is if you have $175 per person to spend on a top multi-course Japanese tasting menu. Momofuku Ko is the most private and exclusive of David Chang’s restaurants and it has two Michelin stars to brag about. The menu is based on seasonal ingredients of the upmost kind and can be paired with only the best beverages, including prime sake, beer and wine.


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