11 Most Expensive Luggage Sets

If you ever wanted to be the envy of the entire crowd at any airport baggage carousel in the world, buying one of these 11 most expensive luggage sets is a good way to do it.

Most Expensive Luggage Sets


Ever since Lois Vuitton become personal luggage maker to the French Empress Eugénie de Montijo, Napoleon III’s wife, it has become imperative for world’s rich and famous to own brand name luggage. Vuitton’s product, arguably the first brand name in history, soon rose to such popularity that the company opened up offices around the world. Large steamer trunks bearing recognizable logo were unavoidable detail on any voyage in early 20th century, be it a fast liner steaming cross Atlantic or Orient Express. Some say that Titanic had more Lois Vuitton trunks than lifeboats when it met its fate in a form of an iceberg in 1912.

Today, hundred years later, not much has changed. True, nobody sails across Atlantic or suffers mountainous Balkan railways when going to Istanbul, although judging by my recent experiences, for most part rails are the same ones that carried fabled Orient Express. To be honest, trains in that region are a bit slower today. But the need to show class and money even when traveling remained the same. Spending thousands of dollars on luggage sets may seem exorbitant to you and me, but upper class needs to keep up the appearances, even in modern times. It simply wouldn’t do to be caught with paparazzi lugging old banged up suitcase your mother bought you in Wal-Mart 10 years ago around the airport.

Fortunately for them, the choice of expensive luggage sets today is greater than ever. Everybody seems to be making designer pieces of baggage and charging ridiculous amounts of money for them. This is especially true for companies that are in any way connected to transportation and travel. Porsche, for example, has a luggage line. The top of the line trolley cost upward of $1,000, and they aren’t the only ones doing it.

But how the traditional luggage companies and makers of the most expensive luggage bags and brands in the world fare in modern times? Check out our list to see where Lois Vuitton’s baggage sets rank among the most expensive luggage sets today. We’ll give you a hint. If he were alive today, he would be very proud of what has become of his company.