11 Most Expensive Flowers In The World

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The beautiful flower is often the perfect gift to your loved ones, but would you ever buy one of 11 most expensive flowers in the world?

The flowers are not usually expensive and they come in a variety of colors and shapes. Some of them we buy just to put them in our vase and have a piece of nature in our homes, and some of them we buy to show our love. If you buy a red rose, your girlfriend will know that you’re in passionate love with her! And if you choose the yellow one, according to the well-known meanings of flowers, she will probably be disappointed because it means you’re only friends. So, you have to choose the perfect bouquet carefully, since everything matters, the color, the size, the shape… and the price.

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To make our list of 11 most expensive flowers in the world, we checked the prices of flowers on the internet. We have to mention that some flowers are sold per stem or per flower, and some are sold per bundle. Most of the prices of flowers in our list are for the single flower, but some of them are for bundles because that is the only way they are sold. We collected the data from the various websites to check the prices we have found and some of them are: Finances online, Serenata flowers, Mother nature network, Interflora, Arena flower and Grower Direct.  If you are interested in  the lists of the most expensive things of a different nature, you can also check out our article 11 most expensive military planes in the world.

Now, let’s see together the prices of flowers which would make the most expensive bouquet in the world:

11. Hydrangea

$7 per piece

It is not easy to plant hydrangea (hortensia). Everybody loves to see them at weddings, especially the white ones!

hortensia-20669_1920 11 Most Expensive Flowers In The World

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