11 Most Expensive Countries to Buy An iPhone

Do you want to know which the most expensive countries to buy an iPhone are? If you are planning to buy a new iPhone, you should avoid these countries. The prices are exorbitantly high and they are not going to change anytime soon. Some of them are also known as the most expensive countries to buy and own a car in the world.



Apple spends $200 in order to make one iPhone 6. The manufacturing price for iPhone 6 Plus is $215. This means that Apple makes a profit of 69% (iPhone 6) and 71% profit (iPhone 6 Plus). The most expensive part of an iPhone is the display. It costs $52 (iPhone 6 Plus) and $45 (iPhone 6). If you know that the price of a new iPhone is more than $600, you can see how much money Apple makes with these devices.

So, why an iPhone is so expensive? Well, it has high build quality, it is reliable, it is easy to use and it offers great features. The best part of any iPhone is iOS, the operating system. It is much easier to use than Android, but it still offers great capabilities. This is also one advantage of Apple’s devices. The OS is developed especially for them, so they don’t have ‘’bugs’’ like Android phones.

In order to provide you a list of the most expensive countries to buy an iPhone, we used the combined data from Webpage FX and Lifehacker. The prices you can see are average prices for each country. Also, these are prices for iPhone 6.