Top 11 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Here is a new list for you to consider if you’re getting a dog: Top 11 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed. Shedding can be a problem; it’s not uncommon that people get tired and bored having a dog that sheds a lot. When you’re choosing a dog for your family and household, consider the shedding as a factor because of which you’d have problems later. Your perfectly cute and friendly might shed over your place a lot, and how will you react then? Our list of 11 biggest and friendliest dogs show breeds that are great to have, but must be groomed to enjoy the life with you.



You must be committed to regular caring about your pet. Walks, playing time, and grooming are mandatory alongside food and water. If you have a busy life, and lots of commitments, the dog you get should be the breed that requires the least care and effort for maintenance. Today we bring you the list of dog breeds that don’t shed; the ones that will be easy to maintain.

11. Irish Terrier

The terrier breed has many subclasses; the Irish breed is the oldest one in the family of terriers. Medium sized dog, covered with a harsh coat that protects him from the weather – the Irish Terrier adapted to the rainy weather in Ireland. This breed can live fine in the apartment and the yard as well, and you won’t have trouble grooming him every two weeks.
Irish terrier