The 5 Most Expensive Cars To Insure in the World

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Most Expensive Cars to Insure: You might be complaining right now about the high cost of your car insurance. Well, maybe you’d like to think twice before doing so ever again, especially after you find out which are the most expensive cars to insure, because you won’t believe the rates.

When deciding which car is best for us we often look at prices, specifications, horsepower, speed, acceleration, engines, safety characteristics, comfort, convenience, audio, entertainment, aesthetic aspects, colors, fuel consumption, etc. Yet for some reason we rarely take into account the insurance rates for the different models and manufacturers. Although chances are that you’ll end up spending more money on gas than on insurance, this may be a decisive factor when purchasing a vehicle, especially if it happens to be one of the cars in our countdown.

Can you even begin to image what the insurance rates are for classic cars? Though we actually don’t have insurance information on those models, you should check out our list of The 15 Most Expensive Classic Cars and get acquainted with the priciest antique vehicles on earth. Classic cars’ insurance rates are high for the obvious reason that they are invaluable antiques, but the rates on everyday cars are a little bit trickier to understand. Data on accidents shows, for example, that smaller vehicles get into more accidents than larger cars, contrary to the idea that smaller cars can help you avoid crashes and are safer. Naturally, fast cars also pay high insurance premiums, and this category contains most sports cars. In conclusion, you could say that the models that pay the highest insurance rates are luxurious sports cars, both for their participation in accidents and high costs.

Car insurance rates are based on a person’s driver record along with various demographic variables including address, age, gender, marital status, credit rating, etc. Moreover, some models cost more to insure than others; this goes beyond the specifics of the car itself, it also has to do with the history of the model (accident rate and their outcomes).

In compiling our list we used the car insurance data published by for the national average annual premium. You must not forget that insurance rates are highly influenced by location and in some cases the amounts vary substantially. Sometimes the rates differ due to a state’s insurance regulations, the level of completion between different insurance companies, the weather of each region and the percentage of uninsured motorists. Also according to, the states with the highest average auto insurance rates include, from highest to lowest: Michigan, West Virginia, Georgia, Washington D.C., Rhode Island, Montana, Louisiana, California, New Jersey, and Florida.

So, are you curious about the most expensive cars to insure? Well then, let’s begin the countdown!

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