11 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes on eBay in 2016

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We apologize if our list of 11 most expensive basketball shoes on eBay in 2016 will make you feel dizzy. We are about to bring you some of the most beautiful basketball shoes in the world, but their price tag will knock you off your feet. Pretty much like these 11 most expensive shoe brands in the world.

Basketball shoes date to the beginning of 20th century, being introduced around the ’20s. Their sole purpose was to make movement easier and jumps higher. Although it may be hard to imagine it now, the original basketball shoes were Converse All Star. You know, the shoes now completely associated with rock music. Converse All Star kept its supremacy as the top basketball shoe choice until the ’80s, when other manufacturers stepped up and started competing for the market. The basketball shoes really became popular when Nike teamed up with Michael Jordan and created the Air Jordan I. They were unusual, colorful and everyone wanted to have shoes like Jordan. This is how basketball shoes collecting began. Soon other manufacturers followed the example and the fight for the market is still ongoing.

11 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes In 2016

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Basketball shoes are usually affordable, and you can get branded ones starting from $100; while those high-end go up to $300. This price tag is applicable if you manage to snatch the shoes while they are still available in stores. That shouldn’t be a problem if we talk about regular basketball shoes models. However, when it comes to signature and limited models, there is a whole different story to that. Since there is a lot of basketball shoes collectors out there, these models tend to sell quickly for their original price, and after they are sold out, price on the secondary market will skyrocket. Also, “one of a kind” shoes come with a hefty price tag from the start.

We looked at the prices of new, unworn, basketball shoes that are available on eBay at the moment and took the most expensive ones. Special, “made for player” models were not considered.

So, take a look at the most expensive basketball shoes on eBay in 2016!

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