11 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes in the World

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People who enjoy and play basketball would definitely want to own any of these 11 most expensive basketball shoes in the world. Basketball has turned into a global sensation. It is one of the most followed and most watched sports today. Some of the world’s highest paid athletes come from professional basketball. In fact, of all the popular sports today, basketball seems to be the one that’s involved in a lot of endorsement and promotions. This is apparent especially in shoes, where shoe companies have taken advantage of basketball stars to headline their new shoe lines.


Shoes are one of the most expensive items of clothing we can buy. You can never really go cheap on shoes as the higher price usually means better quality and durability. This is even more profound in basketball shoes as these shoes tend to get more wear and tear through the intense activity of playing the sport. If you’re interested in the most expensive shoes, then this list of Most Expensive Leather Shoes in the World is something you might also want to check out. Some shoes even go so high that they have the equivalent cost of electronics and jewelry.

What do you think are the most expensive basketball shoes in the world? It’s no surprise that most of the ones listed here come from NBA stars. The NBA has been the frontline of basketball for many years now. Let’s go ahead and start the list:

11. Lebron 12

Despite not having much of a price difference from the previous iteration, the Lebron 12 sports new design and new technology. This current version of Lebron shoes from Nike marks his return to Cleveland. The shoe features a new take on the popular Zoom Air technology, featuring a hexagonal pattern not found in other designs.

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