11 Most Common Sexual Accidents in America

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Did you ever wonder what the most common sexual accidents in America are? This list will definitely prove that accidents in the bedroom go beyond busted condoms and unplanned pregnancies. There have been accidents that have required immediate – and rather embarrassing – trips to the emergency room not to mention failed attempts at creating alibis for how the accidents actually happened.

And while these things sound more like plotlines for horrible rom-coms, they are real-life happenings and more common than you may have imagined. Ask anyone from any of the 11 biggest hospitals in the world, they’ll tell you how often they had to attend to cases of doing-the-deed mishaps. In fact, sex-related accidents send patients to the ER twice a week, according to this report from ABC News. It even inspired a TLC reality show so aptly titled “Sex Sent Me to the E.R.”.

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The thing is, tracking down the most common sexual accidents in America is nearly impossible. If this was the list of Britain’s most common accidents, it would have been easier because someone actually went on ahead and took a formal survey to find out how British people have hurt themselves while having sex. For this list, we had to go through the different hush-hush ways that people actually confessed their unfortunate bedroom experiences. We looked through confessions from Americans in hush-hush forums and online magazines made for mature audiences including this one from Women’s Health.

The items mentioned on this list of the most common sexual accidents in America were given points and ranked according to how often they were mentioned in our sources.

Ladies and gents, here are the not-so-kinky accidents in America. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about keeping it safe in the bedroom.

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