11 Most Annoying Toys Ever Invented

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Toys bring a tremendous amount of joy to children, but sometimes, while entertaining them, these toys can get pretty annoying, so we wondered about which are the most annoying toys ever invented. Those toys create a mess, they flash like a disco stroboscope, they sound too loud and make us more and more annoyed with time. Imagine hearing the same 30-second melody for more than five hours – a scenario of complete insanity. Never get a toy that plays music; that melody will make you want to pull your hair out.

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The toy industry in the US is expected to have one of the strongest years in sales for a decade after several years where video games and mobile apps took the prize in shopping. (While on the subject of video games, we listed the most expensive virtual items in video games for you to check out – you won’t believe the sums that some in-game items generated in sales.) Toy sales are projected to rise this year, especially during the holiday season. According to the NPD Group Inc., the rise will be measured in billions. The new era of toys is at the door, and with the new era, the new possibilities to annoy us are coming as well.

While it’s tough to measure the level of how infuriating a toy can be because every individual can be bothered by something different, we took the analytic approach and considered several factors; the noise, the potential mess they make, and possible injuries. One of the biggest contributing factors we took into consideration ranking the most annoying toys ever made were the feedback the toys received from moms at Baby Center Community. With the combined stats and comparison of the reviews and feedback, we list you the 11 most annoying toys that have ever been invented.

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