11 Most Annoying Commercials of All Time

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Listen up; our today’s subject is about 11 most annoying commercials of all time, and we are sure that you are familiar with this topic. Advertising has become one the most important things in the modern world, but sometimes companies make bad commercials that make you feel mad for interrupting your favorite TV show or a movie.

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Today everyone can have a TV in their house, and the companies know that so they advertise through catchy commercials making the TV one of the best ways to sell their products.  The study released by the California State University shows that 99 percent of the American population possesses a TV. An average person will watch TV for 9 years total during their lifetime, according to the study brought by the Statistic Brain.

Companies use catchy themes, jingles and even animals in their commercials just to make sure that you remember their name and their product. Seems that these methods of advertising are proven to be very annoying to the consumer, catchy repetitive jingles will most likely do more damage than convincing the buyer to purchase the product.

We ranked the most annoying commercials by considering the level of stress that it provokes in observers, and the amount of the repeating projections on-air. Techcrunch reported that TV commercials are the most annoying for viewers after the online ads. There is no way to rank the degree of annoyingness of the commercial; something that bothers one person wouldn’t be that annoying to others, making this subject a hard one to provide the accurate listing. Next, we considered the previously released lists from Telegraph, PreserveThe80s, and HubPages.  The comments and feedback to commercials were also a considering factor; the more the people commented in a negative way about the ad, the higher it can be ranked. Still, there are no units of annoyingness that can be measurable.

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Let’s start with our list of the most annoying commercials of all time.

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