11 Most Affordable Fashion Design Schools in the US

If you are planning to pursue a career in fashion design, have a look at the 11 most affordable fashion design schools in the US.

Fashion is fast becoming an appealing field for all sorts of people and this shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how much fashion designers earn, which is, according to PayScale, more than 60,000 dollars per year on an average basis! Even if one puts aside the money aspect of the job, fashion design satisfies the creative juices of those people who do not see themselves fit for nine to five jobs which involve nothing but paperwork. Furthermore, employment in the wholesale apparel industry is expected to show a growing trend of about seventeen percent from 2014 to 2024.

11 Most Affordable Fashion Design Schools in the US

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Keeping all of these facts in mind, it is no surprise that the number of students who want to study fashion design in college has increased. However, it is quite difficult to choose an appropriate school for yourself, especially when your funds are limited. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a list of most affordable fashion design schools in the US.

Taking our data from CollegeCalc, we have considered out of state annual cost of each college offering a four year bachelor program in fashion or apparel design. As the given link states, the information about the price has been extracted from the U.S. Department of Education’s 2015-2016 IPEDS Survey. This cost, which includes tuition, books and living expenses, has then been arranged in ascending order, with the cheapest college coming in at number one on our list. An important thing to note is that some colleges have been removed from the resulting list because upon research, we concluded that these schools are no longer taking new students and are winding up their operations rendering them useless for students who are just now seeking admissions. Examples include The Art Institute of Tucson and International Academy of Design and Technology. Also, another thing that you should keep in mind is that these costs are estimates, and that you should check with the school directly in order to get the newest and the most accurate data possible.

Getting back to the topic at hand, if you want more details on fashion design education, check out our list of 5 most elite fashion schools in the world. However, for affordable ones, just read on ahead for the final ranking!