11 Magical Plot Holes in Harry Potter

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Have you ever been waxed by the magical plot holes in Harry Potter? Join the club. I’ve recently finished reading the series for the second time with my younger kid. While some of the plot holes were obvious the first time I read them, I didn’t really paid much attention, figuring that I must have missed something or just didn’t understand correctly. But now, I tried to really get it through my head and let me tell you, some things don’t add up.

Magical Plot Holes in Harry Potter

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Before ya’all grab your pitchforks and fire up them torches, I am a fan. I love the series and I really love the fact my kids enjoy it as much as I do. I even look forward to movie nights at my house featuring Harry Potter films, despite the fact that I’ve seen each of them at least three times by now. I think J. K. Rowling is an absolutely fantastic author, but there are few omissions that I find interesting in the Harry Potter universe and I feel we need to talk about them. And that’s the point of any good literature, making people talk about it. If I may paraphrase, a good book has many flaws, a bad one only one – being bad. Let’s be honest, nobody really cares about plot holes in Disney’s Frozen.

For instance, what’s up with Triwizard Cup? Imagine you are a kid in Hogwarts and you learn that this legendary tournament is being held in your school and you get to watch it. How excited would you be? But the thing Dumbledore doesn’t tell you is that there isn’t much watching going on really. OK, the first event is awesome. Fighting a live, fire-breathing dragon is entertainment in anyone’s book. But then comes the water challenge. Everybody is excited, the audience is cheering, the contestants go into the water and…nothing happens for hours. You spend a very cold afternoon staring at the lake. Then comes the maze. They go in and you are left on the stands waiting for sparks to appear in the sky. Good thing they didn’t charge admission fees for this one.

After spending hours searching the Internet for explanations, I’ve found out that some of the plot holes do have a reason behind them. J. K. Rowling explained quite a few of them during the years.  However, these 11 plot holes in Harry Potter weren’t explained. Listed in the order of how much they bothered me, here they are:

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