11 Jobs Men Will Never Be Able to Do Better than Women

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Let the debate begin- which are the jobs men will never be able to do better than women? Ok, let us first assure you this isn’t the type of article where we include “bleed for 5 days straight, and not die”! Here, we are sticking to facts and will be talking about the jobs which have proven track records of women being more efficient at them.

The debates about feminism and equality can go on and gather heat, but some jobs are just better suited for women, like there are also the jobs women will never be able to do better than men. Of course, we are all for equality but the world needs to agree on the fact that men and women do possess some distinct characteristics and qualities that enable each of them to perform better on some tasks than others. For example, the majority of women may be better at organization, barring exceptions of course, that makes them better candidates for secretarial jobs.

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Most of these jobs require a particular skill set that more women than men possess. In some cases, these are also the jobs that women have preferred taking up in the past years and lesser men have opted for them. There have been proven records to point towards the fact that these jobs have mostly females employed, in turn proving that lesser men are hired for them. We have relied on Bureau of Labor Statistics results to determine the jobs which have the majority of women employed. We also took into account the findings by Digeratilife and CBS to arrive at our list of the jobs men will never be able to do better than women.

Wondering what these jobs are where the girls give the guys a run for their money? Here’s the list.

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