11 Jobs Women Will Never Be Able To Do Better Than Men

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I know what you’re thinking now, of course that women can do everything that men can do, and it’s rude to say otherwise, but here’s the truth: we did find 11 jobs women will never be able to do better than men!

We are not talking about some obvious “jobs” like giving a birth and breastfeeding, we are thinking of the jobs that are proved to be better done by men.  If you are still can not remember at least one job, I’ll just say: crane operator. I don’t say that women can not operate a crane, but have you ever seen a woman do it better than a man?

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I bet you didn’t. Just as it’s not pretty common to see a male beautician, it’s also not pretty common to see a female roofer. Researches show that men don’t trust women to fly a plane and women don’t trust men to be a nanny. Speaking of easy and not so easy jobs done by male or female, don’t miss our list of 11 Easiest and Best Paying Jobs of 2015.

It is prohibited to employ only men, of course, but there are plenty of jobs which attract only male applicants. The thing is that most of these jobs men can do more easily than women and that is the only reason they do them better. I am talking about the physical strength that is a must for a construction worker or a logger. It is maybe a stereotype – a builder is a man, but the statistics show that the percentage of women in construction jobs are less than 1 %! So, women, if you are interested in this career, go for it, you will be a role model for others.

To make our list of 11 jobs women will never be able to do better than men, we searched the internet and found various information about the percentage of men employed in certain industries. We also searched the forums with topics about jobs that are typically done better by male rather than female employees. Some of the websites we used as our sources are: The digerati life, Work chron, The Guardian, Gender Stratford and Yahoo answers on the topic. Let’s see together what have we found. Below the name of each job, we added the percentage of male workers in the field. We have to mention there are plenty other jobs that are said to be done better than men, but we haven’t put them in our list, since we didn’t find official confirmation for those statements.

11. Pilot

97% male workers

Has everybody forgotten Amelia Earhart? Why there is not so many women in the airline industry? Do men really fly the planes better than women? Well, it seems that the answer is “Yes!”

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