11 Highest Paying States for Anesthesiologists

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Which are the highest paying states for anesthesiologists? 

First off, what is an anesthesiologist and what do they do? In layman terms, they are the doctors responsible for making you sleep prior to surgical procedures, with you not feeling or remembering anything when you wake up. Which is a pleasant thing as most of the people undergoing surgery would rather not remember the details of how they were cut open and how they felt the pain.

Highest Paying States for Anesthesiologists


Doctors spend a number of years, usually 3-5 years, training in the hospitals under specialists on how to handle anesthetics and how to properly administer them. Else we’d end up singing and dancing to Thriller in heaven with Michael Jackson. And if you think that anesthesiologists have the easiest job in the world, you are very wrong. While anesthesiologists don’t operate on patients or spend a lot of time in the outpatient departments, they do participate in surgeries, however long it takes. So just imagine yourself as an anesthesiologist in a neurosurgical setting. These operations are long, like your-favorite-TV-series-marathon long. While you do not operate, the delicate nature of the surgery still keeps you on your toes, and from my experience as a doctor, mental fatigue is way, WAY worse than physical fatigue. While the surgeons are focused clipping that aneurysm or removing that tumor or evacuating that hemorrhage, anesthesiologists make sure that the patient is still alive during the whole ordeal. You can consider them Gods in the operating room, with the patients’ lives literally in their hands.

To compile the list of the 11 highest paying states, we searched the internet for salary data of anesthesiologists. There were a lot of websites that came up, but we only picked the 5 we think are the most credible: The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Recruiter, Healthcare Salary Online, Indeed, and Medscape. All websites, as expected had different figures per state. The salary for each state, as provided by our sources, were then added and averaged, with the 11 highest paying states making this list.

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Before that propofol takes effect, let’s check out the highest paying states for anesthesiologists!

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