11 Highest Paying Countries for MBA Graduates

If you have already read our 11 Highest Paying Countries for Business Majors, then the next logical step in your career is checking out 11 Highest Paying Countries for MBA Graduates!

You have to admit that not everyone can obtain the MBA certificate. You are determined and ambitious, perhaps even power-hungry. The knowledge acquired makes you the perfect candidate for some major managerial roles within any company. Postgrad named several interesting benefits. Being an MBA is simply perfect for networking, and we are all too aware of the fact that usually, it’s not what college you graduated from, but who you know. Also, there is hardly any better job for creating business contacts. Next, your occupation and its importance is internationally recognized, which is a huge relief. While doctors have to submit lengthy explanations of their work, it is pretty clear to everyone what you are able to do. In addition, lots of MBA graduates end up working for themselves, i.e., they become successful entrepreneurs. Of course, in order to be a high flyer, you have to have the right education. Choosing the best country to study MBA in Europe is tough, but let’s say Italy and the Netherlands are good options. What is more, you’ll see that most of the countries from our list offer the highest salaries and the best education, too. You will find the recommended schools along with the income.

11 Highest Paying Countries for MBA Graduates

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As opposed to some other graduates, you can rightfully expect to earn higher salaries than the average. When discussing money matters, a lot of aspiring graduates wonder about the MBA salary in UAE or  MBA salary in Dubai per month. Whereas the United Arab Emirates and Dubai are absolute favorites among immigrants from poorly developed countries, they did not qualify to be a part of our list. The average MBA salary in UAE is $54,217, while in Dubai you could be earning $42,503 per year (the data comes from the same source as the most of our research – PayScale).

As for top 10 countries for MBA job availability, Graduate Management Admission Council informs us there is a high demand globally for MBAs, so we can say you’re in luck for having finished the college. For instance, 55% of the US employers are planning to hire, or are open to taking on an international candidate in 2017. Therefore, you should have no problems finding a job after graduation!

Let’s see now how we got to your much-desired information – best countries for MBAs, or highest paying countries for MBAs. First of all, we must emphasize we are giving the highest median salaries. Naturally, we are always trying to find the most recent data, and we got it at TopMBA. Being very well aware of the trends and trying to provide you with 11 countries, we took a look at the reports from previous years to see how the countries matched at StudyAbroadLife and Poets and Quants. Once we had all the places, we turned to the previously mentioned source, PayScale, which served as our primary source for average salaries. Of course, there was a catch. The website makes a difference between male and female earnings (unfortunately, the gender gap in MBA is still present). We opted for the male salary since it is higher (hopefully most employers don’t encourage the gender discrepancy) and calculated the average income by adding and dividing the lowest and highest income. In one case we consulted with Emolument for the average annual MBA salary. By the way, we didn’t look for specific average incomes, for instance, what is the average salary in MBA finance, or the salary of an MBA executive for that matter.

Finally, the last thing to do was to convert the currencies at XE and rank the amounts from the lowest to the highest. For all you assertive and ambitious MBAs out there, here are 11 highest paying countries for MBA graduates!