11 Highest Paying Countries for Information Technology Professionals

If you are an IT expert who would like to move abroad, make sure not to bring this important decision before you read our list of 11 highest paying countries for information technology professionals.

Technology is what makes the world go round these days, and what’s done is done – I guess no one can imagine spending a day without using a computer, phone, or any kind of gadgets, which existence could not be possible without IT professionals. It is why IT jobs – such as IT specialist, systems administrator, systems engineer, computer programmer, software developer, information technology manager, director of information technology, and many others are highest paying jobs in the world. Nevertheless, it is important to know that different countries, depending on their standards, offer different salaries. It is why the United States is among top 10 countries for software engineers, offering an average annual salary of $70,000 to $90,000. Additionally, it is also interesting to look at a programmer salary by country, having Switzerland on the top when it comes to this profession. We should not forget to mention that being an applications development manager is among highest paid technology jobs in software, and if you plan to become one of them, you should be aware that the average annual salary is around $112,045.

11 Highest Paying Countries for Information Technology Professionals


Switzerland is also on the list of top 10 countries in software and having this country mentioned almost every time we talk about IT jobs implies that, although cold and surrounded by mountains, it can be the warmest place in terms of salaries for people who deal with this kind of technology. What we also consider crucial for this topic is to mention engineer salary comparison by country, having in mind that there are three leading countries in this regard (wait for the list to find out their names!), while the average salary for Israel and Denmark, for example, ranges around $70,000. For more information on software engineer salary in Europe and the rest of the world, continue with the reading.

In order to make the list of high paying IT jobs 2017, and check out all of the countries with best benefits in this regard, we needed to explore the Internet to the fullest, finding the Wall Street Journal quite helpful. The article from our Insider Monkey archive that dealt with highest paying countries for software engineers also offered some very important information and the material for going deeper into the issue. Tech world also provided some quite relevant information, answering the following question: What do mobile, web and software developers get paid around the world? Additionally, it is always interesting for us to hear some of the personal experiences, being the reason why we consulted Reddit and Quora.

By combining all of these sources, and using PayScale as well, it was more or less easy to come up with the brand new list of 11 highest paying countries for information technology professionals, and we took the software engineers sample to make it more specific. Check it out!