11 Easy Gymnastics Moves on Floor that Look Hard

Looking for some easy gymnastics moves on floor that look hard to impress your friends? Good, you’ve come to the right page. First things first, there are no ultimate easy moves when it comes to gymnastics, as all depends on a person’s individual flexibility and strength. I have some experience in yoga, and I am very well aware of the fact that what is easy for some people is very hard for others. Genetics and our life style determine what parts of our body are going to be more or less flexible. For example, I have naturally very good flexibility of my hips, and my back, which allowed me, very soon, to master two yoga positions – butterfly, and pigeon. The latter one is especially hard for most of the people, and it was harder for me too than the butterfly. I was very surprised to notice how hard is the butterfly for many, and how high their knees are when they start practicing. And, I was also surprised to see other people enjoying yoga poses that I found very difficult. All this helped me understand how different our bodies are.

Even though yoga and gymnastics are not the same things, both disciplines demand great body flexibility, which helped me realize that there are no ultimate easiest gymnastics moves, and that it all depends on a person to person. Of course, there is a group of moves that is easier for many, and we’ve already covered some of them in our article on 10 Easiest Gymnastics Moves and Trick to Do at Home for Beginners. Today we’ll be focusing only on easy gymnastics moves that look hard and that are done on the floor. Before we explain how we chose easy gymnastics skills for our list, let us tell you something more about the history of this beautiful and elegant sports discipline that you are starting to get interested in.

11 Easy Gymnastics Moves on Floor that Look Hard

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This sport has a long history, and like almost every discipline that is amazing it was developed in ancient Greece. One must wonder – where would we be if there were no Greeks? They brought us everything that is of great importance – philosophy, math, sports, to name a few; we are still learning so much about life from the philosophical works they’ve created. In a way, they were ahead of us. So, it is no wonder that this beautiful sports discipline was invented by the Greeks who were known for a specific way of life – one that includes a person’s development in three levels – intellectual, spiritual and physical. The modern form of gymnastics, with the additions of bars, beams and jumps, was developed around the late 1700s. What is interesting is that traditional gymnastics events included wrestling and weight lifting also, which was later removed. The form became the most important part of the discipline, and not the rivalry. And now, in today’s amazing gymnastics world, I don’t think there is a single person who doesn’t admire the bodies and skills of gymnasts; their amazing strength, flexibility, speed, and elegance.

Mastering basic gymnastic skills is something that would benefit all of us, our physical, but also mental health, as these exercises demand great concentration, calm mind and discipline. That is why we have decided to find some easy gymnastic moves that most of us can master in a short period of time.

To tell you the truth this was no easy task, because of the things said above – it is impossible to define the ultimate easy move, one that would be easy for any person, while also making sure it looks hard. So, what did we do? First, we found basic gymnastics tricks list, that lists only basic moves for the floor.  On the site these moves and tricks are divided into four different categories – Rolling skills, Handstands & Walkovers, Cartwheels & Round-offs and Handsprings. We’ve wanted to include at least one move from every category, but unfortunately, we didn’t find many sources that recommend handsprings as the easiest moves. Yes, they do look hard. And that is probably because they are.

So, after we found those basic moves, we wanted to check how to do gymnastics for beginners at home level 1, so we searched for the moves every level 1 gymnast must be able to do on the floor. In case you don’t know, level 1 is the first level in Gymnastics, non-competitive level.  And a must know moves on the floor for this level include ¾ handstand, and forward roll among the others. Hence most of them can be found on our list. We really tried to stay away from any advanced gymnastics moves (which for the floor include straddle jump with 120 degree split, front handspring to two feet, back extension roll, back walkover, among others), so perhaps not all of the moves on our list will look hard to some of you. But, if you are looking for the basics you can’t expect us to recommend you tricks that gymnasts practice for years. In any case, we are sure that your friends, who probably can’t even bend over to touch their toes, will be impressed with these. Sources that helped us create our final list were Gymnastics HQ, Grade Infinity, Active SG, and some practical YouTube videos.

Still want to know how to do gymnastics at home for beginners? Great, let’s start with our list of theeasy gymnastics moves on floor that look hard!