11 Easiest Girl Dresses to Make for Beginners

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If you’ve ever had even a small desire to make your little girl a dress, you need to read 11 easiest girl dresses to make for beginners. Even if you have little to no sewing experience, be sure to give one of these dresses a try.

By easy, we mean a small amount of materials needed. Some sewing projects require you to practically buy out Jo-Ann Fabrics in order to complete. Not these. Of course, you’ll need fabric, patterns and a few buttons here and there, but that’s really all there is to it. And you won’t have to sacrifice quality or cuteness, either.

We ranked many sewing tutorials for little girl’s dresses around the web, and came up with the ones that required the least amount of materials. After reading many tutorials for the easiest girls dresses to sew yourself, like those on Craftiness is Not Optional, Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Stitch & Pink, and Rock the Stitch, we ranked them based on the number of materials needed to give you our best recommendations. Of course, we assumed that, if you had any interest in making a dress, you’d also already have a sewing machine along with the basic materials required to sew (thread, pattern paper, pins, etc.) Those don’t exactly count in our book, only the extra things you’d need in order to make a dress.

You may have begun reading this article because you want your daughter to look cute. You know how every kid looks back on the way their mother dressed them with disdain and humiliation? You know how it is practically an unforgivable offense to dress your daughter in clothing she will hate years down the road? (Goodness, what if your country landed a spot on our list of 8 Worst Dressed Countries in the World?)

These dresses won’t have that kind of result (at least we hope not). And even though homemade dresses may sometimes have a bad rap, these are the exception. Plus, how cool is it that you crafted something for your daughter to wear? No one will even know it was homemade, but you will, and that will be very satisfying to both you and your daughter.

Usually, we don’t refer to blogs as sources because they’re obviously biased about most facts. But with sewing tutorials, it’s a whole different ballgame. So (no pun intended) many bloggers out there are masters in the art of sewing, and their blogs may be the best way to learn. The steps are usually clearly laid out with pictures showing the process, and most every tutorial is written from personal experience- the blogger has made the dress already themselves, and worked out all the kinks just for you. What better sources of information for a list like this?

So get ready- here are 11 easiest dresses to make for beginners. Please note that the images shown throughout the text do not correspond to the actual girl dresses on our list, but only serve an illustrative purpose. Don’t worry though, there are links for tutorials where you can also see the real images of those beautiful girl dresses. So, let’s get started with our list of easiest girl dresses to make for beginners, shall we?

11. Mod Sailor Dress

5 materials

This dress is positively adorable. But then, isn’t anything nautical for little girls? It’s extremely simple, yet it has buttons down the side, pockets, and that beautiful light blue pinstripe that characterizes all sailor wannabe clothing. You’ll love it.

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