10 Easiest Beginner Guitar Songs To Learn

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You bought your first guitar, and you want to know the 10 easiest beginner guitar songs to learn? Well, you came to the right place.

In this article, we will give you all the necessary recommendations; you can work your way up, train your fingers and someday be able to play “Stairway to Heaven” like a pro. But first, you have to start from the bottom, to try less demanding songs. This doesn’t mean less demanding songs are not fun to play, they are, but their main feature is that even beginners can master them with a little practice.

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If someone told you he practiced 8 straight hours, playing just one song to nail it, it is probably true. But not everyone needs the same amount of time. There are people who have a natural talent for music and guitar is easy for them. For you, this may not be the case, but giving up shouldn’t be an option. Every musician will tell you that the practice is far more important than the pure talent.

When you look at the guys (or girls) on stage banging their guitars, it may look easy, but remember to look that easy, a lot of sweat and tears had to be shed. It may be easier to pass these top 10 easiest bar exams in the US than to perfection a set list.

Since we don’t want to scare you off, and make you put your guitar in the closet for eternity, we picked songs that have a small number of chords and consistent rhythm through the entire song. With these 10 easiest beginner guitar songs to learn, you will be a star when it comes to house parties. Hey, that counts for something, right?

t was a surprisingly difficult to find recommendations for easy songs since apparently those who made the lists didn’t consider that the songs that are easy for them may not be easy for the beginners. We took recommendation lists made by people who earn their living by teaching people how to play guitar like the ones from GuitarHabits, LearnGuitarFastTips and Beginners Songbook Bs. As an experienced guitar player, I’ve checked the songs for the number of chords you need to know to play the song, chord complexity and chords variations. The easy songs were the ones that had a small number of chords and those chords were simple basic ones that you can easily “catch”. Also, I looked for the songs that didn’t have big rhythm changes during the course of the song, and didn’t require for you to change chords very often. That all led to 10 easiest ones from them all, from my personal experience.

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